CPC SOUND stands for great quality entertainment, experienced performer and versatile singer with an outstanding presence!

"My task is not only to deliver a performance to remember but also to fully understand the needs of the customer in terms of entertainment, in short, to create the perfect soundtrack and show suitable for any type of event!"


The prices below include of PA system, travel expenses (within the 1-3 area of London) and the only use of backing track as SOLO act. To request a price for acoustic accompaniment between guitar and keyboard or as trio, please contact at info.cpcsound@gmail.com.



2 sets of 45 minutes of songs with break to be agreed. Included in this package, you can choose the repertoire directly from the "Song List" page and plus, I will learn 2 special songs to sing live.


3 sets of 40 minutes or 2 of 65 minutes with breaks to be agreed. Included in this package there are playlists of background music to be played during the pauses, complete service and guided in tailor-made the repertoire according to your needs, 3 special songs for you to choose that I will sing for you live.

Do not forget to quote the package you have chosen in the message to be sent, in this way we will speed up the booking process allowing me to give you an accurate answer for a better service.

1 set of 60 minutes of songs without break. Included in the package I will learn a song at your request not included in the "song list" page.


2 Dellow Street, London, E1 0BP

info.cpcsound@gmail.com  |  Tel: 0747 9087913

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