As a professional entertainer I know exactly what you expect to receive on the day of your wedding, that magical touch that will make your experience unforgettable for you and your guests! I am able to provide you with ambient music allowing you to fully enjoy your time with your loved ones, or if you prefer, entertain yourself and turn your event into a dance floor!

All the package include of PA system, travel expenses (within the 1-3 area of London) and me as solo singer with high quality backing tracks.


All packages can be combined or tailor-made to better meet your needs. Contact me for a free consultation to guarantee you a result that will satisfy you 100%!

Musical accompaniment with piano or guitar available apon request.


1 set of 60 minutes sof songs selected by you with no breaks, which includes:

  • Guests arrival.

  • Bridal Entrance Hymns (background music or live singing)

  • Signing of the Register

  • Bridal Exit

  • 1 special song at your choise that I will sing live for you at no extra cost.


2 sets of 45 minutes with break to be agreed, which includes:

  • Playlist with a selection of Pop, soul & jazz music for your guests arrival.

  • Choose all your favourite songs from CPC SOUND song list*.

  • Background music to be played during the break.

  • Included in this package I will learn 2 songs of your choice to sing live. 


Choose between 3 sets of 40 minute or 2 of 65 min with breaks to be agreed which includes:

  • Pre-recorded background music to play in between meals, wide range of music available or tailor made playlists.

  • 1 set of soul/Jazz & motown classics + 1 set of upbeat disco and dance + 1 set of pop music from the 1960s through to what's in the charts today.

  • Included in this package I will learn 3 songs of your choice to sing live. 

  • FIRST DANCE soundtrack.